Thou must be born from above!

Repent, baptized, get the holy spirit and live a holy life.

My brother, your heavenly Father Yahweh cares for your eternal soul.,, it is why He sent me into the world to help you > to be born again, to be ready for heavenly Judgment and escape a hellfire. The Civil War is coming to the USA and many shall die and be burned in hell for the fruits of their sinful life…

Be wise by caring for your own eternal soul, Do these; 

Go to any stretch of any water; Ocean, River, lake, pond.. or even bath.
#1 Repent of your sins by confessing your sins and ask forgiveness of Yahweh, saying; ” My Father Yahweh / יהוה , which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name Yahweh / יהוה ,… I have sinned against heaven and in thy side oh Yahweh / יהוה . And I am not worthy to be called thy son for all my wickedness that I had done… Yet, I pray thee oh my father Yahweh / יהוה , have mercy on me, do not let me die in my sins, forgive my iniquity for thy holy namesake oh Yahweh / יהוה , let thy holy blood cleanse me from all my sins. Let me see thy face Yahweh / יהוה shine upon me and fill me with thy holy spirit .. ! Amen. ”
#2 Be baptized in water by yourself or by any godly man saying; ” I baptize in water in the name of Yahweh for the remission of my sins,..”
#3 Make sure you or he cast out Devil from your body until he left you, cry out; ” Devil I commend you in the name of Yahweh to come out of me .. !”
#4 Receive the gift of the Holy Spirit by speaking in tounges, open your mouth and loudly pray/ask Yahweh to baptize you with the holy spirit, until he shall fall upon you, saying; ” Yahweh my father, thou promised to baptize with thine holy spirit for those who repented and baptized in water in thine name Yahweh.. baptize me right now ! ”
#5 Now cleave (glue) to Yahweh by; “‘You shall love Yahweh your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.”
Never go to any Church, but be a heavenly priest in your home.  As a father/priest; >  Let all your household do all the above and let your home be Yahweh’s Church. Read the Bible, praise/worship Yahweh at your home, walk in the holy spirit, living a holy life and abolish all your idols. Amen. Goo now to the world, to your neighbors,.. and preach to others all the above and heal the sick, cast out demons,.. do it. And God shall be with you!

I am a man of Yahweh and sent by Yahweh and this website is by Yahweh and for Yahweh.

Therefore >  Go this website and learn > eat the heavenly food for your soul that you may grow to become a man of Yahweh and bear fruits of righteousness… Amen.

 Warning !

You must have a heavenly knowledge by the holy spirit that your sins are forgiven by Yahweh and the holy spirit is upon you by speaking in tongues.  Yet, if not all of these heavenly signs have come to you, then do not give up. You must get these by force of diligent fasting and prayers.
The Messiah Yahshua said; Matt 11:12 And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force…  Now, obey the words of the Messiah Yahshua and do it until all that shall come upon you. Amen.

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