The spiritual combat warrier.

In the natural world, as 2 kings are fighting a battle, the king’s general is looking among all his soldiers for a bravest strongest combat warrior in the frontline, then this man appointed as Centurion, then leader of thousand.. and finally the king’s general. This combat warrior selection principle also applies to the heavenly realm. We only grow spiritually as we engaging in the frontline of war battle. Here is my spiritual growing; Now, I am at FaceBook & Youtube for a few years and I remember at the beginning, as I posted a post or comments and some ” sharp” man confronted me I was not sure what and how to answer it. Then the holy spirit fell upon me as I typing the Answers,.. and as I read back my own replies I was a marvel for heavenly wisdom and sharpness of the holy spirit. For I knew it is not from me nor by me,.. but from him and by him. So, honestly, Today I do enjoy spiritual combat warfare, for by it I became a stronger heavenly combat warrior. Amen.