The Perilous Times

Hear me my brother > The King of Heaven Yahweh of hosts said about 2, 000 years ago that at the end of the world, or at His the second return shall be a “Perilous time / Tribulation ” that was never before … And it is now in nowadays, it is why He said that > 80% shall not see Heaven because of their sinful/wicked life. If you read the Bible then you will see clearly that a woman was and still today the best tool of devil always … And it is why > 90% of women today are demon possessed and my wife too, and he used them by putting them in an authority over a man to destroy > family/ marriage, countries, life, souls ………etc. Just look today who is in power/ruler in homes, schools, governments, offices, police, ….> women ! As you can see now, that this 90% of demons possessed women rule over the world today and they subjected all men under their feet to cast 80% of people in hellfire. Can you see now who is their master and whose will they do? And so, Here is the conclusion : > Only – 20% who are a born from above by the Holy Spirit of Yahweh can and shall overcome this Jezebels and their master the devil by His Holy Spirit that lives inside of us ! My brother, would you be among that 20 %? If yes, then you must be born from above by His Holy Spirit and here is the Heavenly path for your soul,
please do it today!