The Law of spiritual growing…




The Law of spiritual growing…
For many years I would like to share publicly this my own experience of my spiritual growth,… but only now is the right time.
I was born from above by Yahweh and baptized with the holy spirit by speaking in tongues in 1994…
As a newborn baby in Yahweh, I did seek some godly man that used by God mightily to learn from him, follow him and be like him, and I found my idol > a Panticoastal TV evangelist Benny Hinn. So, I worked for TBN Trinity Broadcasting Network, Santa Ana. CA, in a Pentecostal TV station, the Safety Department. And I attended Benny Hinn “Miracle Crusades”, revival meeting,.. listened to his teaching,.. tried to be like him. But Yahweh saw my foolishness and He called this > “baby spiritual Idolatry”.
And this is norman for all ” newborn babies” to find a godly leader and make him an idol. If you are a godly honest man, then you shall acknowledge and confessed this also, as I doing this now.
For “baby” is still “baby ” and do not know yet, the spiritual law of growth and therefore tried to copy other godly men and follow them. The natural instinct of all creatures’ ” babies” like these Ducklings and Goslings is to follow the first adult Leader. And all of us “newborn baby” did these ” spiritual idolatry”, I was guilty of that also. But as I grow in spiritual knowledge by walking with Yahweh through fasting and prayers and most of all is by obeying His voice. Then and only then the spirit of Yahweh began to open my eyes on my own ” baby spiritual idolatry” and caused me to hate my idols and forsake it. And when I truly Repented /Forsaken my ” baby spiritual idolatry” then Yahweh saw the fruits of my Repentance and only then Yahweh reviled to me, my own heavenly calling.

Each of us (His wheat ) has his/her own heavenly calling which we must fulfill diligently. .. or shall be cast away as the unprofitable servant. And if we want to hear these good heavenly words of our Master on a day of our judgment, then let us do it diligently;
I want to hear this > Mat 25:21 His master said unto him, Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy master…”
But not this > Mat 25:30 And cast ye the unprofitable servant into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

So, the conclusion is > ” If you want to find your own heavenly calling, to fulfill the will of God for you, then do not seek nor follow the ” idol men”, but seek the face of Yahweh by fasting and prayers and obedience to His voice. For Yahweh is the Caller and He reviled the heavenly secret for those who diligently seek His face. “ Amen.

               “ye shall know them by their fruits…” 

       The fruits of “spiritual baby ”                                                                                     

       A “spiritual baby” is carnal, idol worshiper and led by the Bible(the books), a follower of the teaching of men the Disciples / Apostles blindly, seeking the fellowship of Churches / Congregations, .. have a form of godliness but have no power to live a holy life; fearful of death, abominable, proud, boaster, unrighteous, unholy, unfruitful,..not know Yahweh.

           The fruits of “spiritual man of Yahweh  ” 

A “spiritual man of Yahweh ” is spiritual walking and led by the holy spirit, not idol worshiper nor led by the Bible(the books), nor a follower of the teaching of men the Disciples / Apostles but test them by the spirit, nor seeking the fellowship of Churches / Congregations, but walking along with Yahweh, .. as he speaks with power so also live with power a holy life; Overcomer, fearless of death, humble before Yahweh, not proud, not boaster, righteous, holy, fruitful, .. knowing Yahweh and knowing by Yahweh.

Now answer honestly to yourself, which one are you?  

Do you live and led by the Bible (the books) as carnal (scribes)Pharisee and Sadducee, ..or do you live and led by the holy spirit as spiritual יהושע /the Messiah Yahshua (Jesus) ? 

”Only the ones whose names are written in the Book of Life

will listen and repent !”