The separation by a strong Delusion !

Years ago, as I attending a Pentecostal Church in Los Angeles California. We have heard many rumors and testimonies. That certain Christians have sold their possessions and went to an Island to meet their coming Savior.  Others left their country and moved to South Arabia, to meet their coming Savior. Others committed suicide with their children to meet their coming Savior. Others preparing for a Secret Rapture that will come suddenly. Others predict the Second coming, and gathers together, and so on….. When we have heard that, we prayed to GOD in tears, for those our poor brothers and sisters, who were deceived by their “Leaders”.
And I was so despaired, and crying to GOD; “Oh GOD, Why this happened to Your people? Why? Why?” For I could not understand it; “How GOD, can let this be so?”