The mystery of State hireling… IRS-501(c) 3


There was a little sheep, which have gone astray, because of his disobedience. And the wild beasts of the field have torn his flesh, that at the point of the dead he came unto himself and cried with a lamentable voice; “Baa-aa-aa!, Baa-aa-aa!.” Yet, the Good Shepherd has heard the lost sheep is crying and went to seek after him, and as soon as the lost sheep heard His voice then he revived. For the lost sheep have recognized the voice of his Owner, for He called His own sheep by there name, and they know His voice. And when the Good Shepherd found His lost sheep, He made him whole and brought him back to His own barn. Now, at the barn of the Good Shepherd, there are all kinds of beasts. Clean and unclean, good and evil. And living among them for a long time, one day the lost sheep heard that someone called him saying, “Hello, ” lost sheep “, and welcome to our flock”. “You have been with us for a while, and listened to my sermons many times, would you also preach ?”. And the lost sheep answered and said, “I have never preached in my life”. Then the beast said, “Oh, it is all right, for we all have been like you. Be ready for the next Sunday !”.