The power of His holy spirit, singing and praying in tongues.

The power of His holy spirit, singing and

praying in tongues.


How to fast and seek the face of El יהוה / Yahweh

שלום יהוה אליך. Shalom of Yahweh to you. . We all would to be a powerful man of Yahweh ,… but not all is willling to pay a price of it. Seeking the face of Yahweh by fasting and praying in the spirit (in tongues) is one of that price. > ” He who have an ear to hear let him hear,.. ”
Remember that this earthly life is our earthly school , for in Heaven there is no more spiritual grow ! And each of us shall be in a deference Heavenly places and in His glory > according to our graduation from this earthy school. Therefore be wise , pay a price and hurry to grow ! Amen.

The Kingdom of Heaven is like unto… but 80% shall not see Heaven!

Reminder to all of you; English is my second language, and I learned it by reading the KJV Bible. Warning > watch my spelling and grammar …
As I pray in tongues many times my mind begins to wandering and to think on earthly things. As soon as I notice it, I catch it and force/concentrate my mind/thoughts to listen to the spiritual tongues and repeat it in my mind and follow it.  By this, my mind is no more wandering but listen what the spirit speaking in tongues. It does not come automatically but require a practice/discipline and learning how to do it each time. But as I practice more and more than, as I praying in the spirit I was able to interpret/understand what is the spirit is speaking. And in such a stage of spiritual awareness, I hearing a voice speaking to me from heaven, or a vision appearing, or a revelation or,… It is called entered into a spiritual world.
Moreover, we can pray in the spirit while we are driving a car, mowing a grass, hiking, …. eating, …in shower, resting,… etc.  almost at any time, as long as we indeed hunger and thirst after the spiritual  …. and even as I was asleep I hear that I am praying in tongues.
As you know, according to Paul knowledge in 1 Cor, 12. there is 9 gifts of the Spirit,  but only by praying – speaking in tongues we can > edifies,  strengthened,  builds up, helps himself grow to a mature man of Yahweh.  And so, do you want to grow spiritually? If yes, then do/practice this and you shall grow spiritually and became a real man of Yahweh, as Moses, …David, … Isaiah, Yahshua. Amen.