Heavenly help > self deliverance from a devil!

Heavenly help > self-deliverance from a


My brother, the King of Heaven El יהוה / Yahweh of hosts has sent me to this world > to help cast the demons from a people like you. My brother, the devil is a liar and his task is to see you in a Hellfire! Just cry out to your Heavenly Father יהוה / Yahweh by this song, and say > #1 ” Devil, I commend you in the name of Yahweh to come out of me! (and he shall obey you !) > #2″ Let the fire of Holy Spirit is fell upon me now and cleanse me,…” ( cry out x 7 times ) Do it now, you shall see the end of it!

For your encouragement, first, watch my > Encounter/deliverance. And then cry out > “… my father יהוה / Yahweh have mercy on me ,… ! ”
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