Author: ProphecyofYahweh

  • The word of יהוה/Yahweh to me in February 2020.

    The word of יהוה / Yahweh to me in February 2020; ” Behold, I have put My sword into thine right hand and fire in thine mouth and thou shall smite these people and consume them as stubble …” The spirit of Eliyahu / אליהו is upom Me.. Mal 4:1  For, behold, the day cometh, that […]

  • Thou must be born from above!

    Repent, baptized, get the holy spirit and live a holy life. My brother, your heavenly Father Yahweh cares for your eternal soul.,, it is why He sent me into the world to help you > to be born again, to be ready for heavenly Judgment and escape a hellfire. The Civil War is coming to […]

  • How the Steel Was Tempered…

    How the Steel Was Tempered (Russian: “Как закалялась сталь”) “I would like to live such a life so that it would not be excruciatingly painful for years spent aimlessly …” I was born and raised in USSR, under the “Iron curtains” of Communist regime religion, with a patriotic indoctrination of ” the bright future of […]

  • The Law of spiritual growing…

          The Law of spiritual growing… For many years I would like to share publicly this my own experience of my spiritual growth,… but only now is the right time. I was born from above by Yahweh and baptized with the holy spirit by speaking in tongues in 1994… As a newborn baby […]

  • My encounter with Mermaid / Siren.

    I have a dreadful encounter with > Mermaid/Siren. At night I went to the bathroom ( toilet) to urinate and after I flushed the toilet a Mermaid/Siren arose from the toilet’s water and she would choke me by my throat to kill me. .. This is my first-time encounter with this female – demon. She […]

  • What is the grace of Yahweh(God)?

    What is the grace of Yahweh(God)? It is > “Yahweh’s(God’s) favor toward the unworthy” . I lived a sinful life as Devil for 32 years and should have justice for my iniquity to be cast in hellfire as Devil. Yet, in 1994 Yahweh shows His favor toward the unworthy wicked man as I was, by […]

  • Love your enemy?

    LOVE YOUR ENEMY ? God forbid that I should seek glory for myself nor your donation nor seek to please any flesh.        But I shall declare what the king of heaven Yahweh said to His bondservant. Hear the heavenly truth of Matthew 5:38-39,43-44 KJV Does the Messiah יהושע / Yahshua (Jesus) > […]