Arthur’s Testimony

My Name is Arthur and I was called out by Yahweh Almighty by leading me to this website which Yahweh caused to exist through our brother Joshua Blessed.

Blessed be the Name of Yahweh for He has set me apart for His purpose and letting me meet my brethren around the world who fear, acknowledge and magnify His Glorious Majesty Name ~YAHWEH through the internet, and are written in the BOOK OF REMEMBRANCE (Malachi 3:16)
This portion of this website is a testimony that YAHWEH is the True Living Elohim and is alive and SPEAKS to His people. (John 10:27)


How YAHWEH revealed to me His Majesty Name

I asked and prayed earnestly and patiently waited on Him.  And according to His loving mercy, He led me to this website

Below is the video testimony of it.  A portion of this video is the voice of Joshua Blessed telling his testimony of the vision given to him:


Conversation with Joshua Blessed 

Below is my conversation with Joshua Blessed.  I sent him an email after Yahweh has removed the veil in my eyes and saved me from a strong delusion this world is in.

From: Arthur

Shalom my brother, i am Arthur from Singapore (originally from Philippines) I have been asking God how to move forward and progress… O wanted to see Him, I asked Him, “LORD, LORD Pls pls show me what to do and i will do it…”
Suddenly I heard something in my head saying “Joshua Blessed”… So I immediately searched for you but I remember I already saw your testimony and website, but before, I did not pay attention about His Glorious Majesty Name… Now I know, Oh Yahweh Almighty Yahweh of Host, I thank You Father!!!

My prayers are answered, how to seek YAHWEH’s face is on the website.
Thank You brother…

All this time, I was calling Jesus… 🙁
March 2013, I saw the testimony of Hell and Heaven by the Ecquadorian Girl who saw the pope and Michael Jackson in hell… That was when A Spirit entered in me and did not see anything… But in a twinkling of an eye, I was changed… I felt weird because I did not want to do sin… Then I prompted to be baptised in water by the Spirit 7 months later..
The moment i was baptised in water, i kept waking up in the middle of the night rebuking devils… But anyhow, 14 days later, I fasted for the first time… No food but with liquid.
That night, I heard God speak to me. He spoke in a very ancient Style of English like in KJV. His voice was like a sound of many waters, echoing…

He told me alot of things but I could not remember the rest only one sentence saying “satan is always around, he will distract u and destroy u so u could not do My will..”

Anyways brother, after that i have longed to hear Him again, even see Him.. Now I have found your aite and was truly blessed my brother…

I have not spoke in tongue.. I pray that Yahweh would lead me…
I will do what u have shared on the website and I wanna see our Yahweh Father too..

Thanks again and Shalom, HalleluYAH!

From: Joshua Blessed

Shalom Arthur.
Blessed be my Father Yahweh , my Redeemer and my Savior !
Your email brother make me joyful today . Amen
For I was born again into this world to bear witness of the Truth. I praise Yahweh Elohim of Heaven and the earth that He lead you to His servants website.
The baptism of the Holy Spirit is a critical for all His people.
The entire book of Acts testifies of it. Just read all of this Promise to His people and cry back to Yahweh 24/7 for to be baptized with the Holy Spirit. ( You must have it brother for your prayer life……….)
I will cry to Yahweh for you brother also. Amen.

From: Arthur

Shalom brother Joshua, HalleluYAH!
yes I believe for your name is Joshua and we know that it is Yahshua in Hebrew :)Oh my brother, I sang with you with HalleluYAH song in one of your videos and I felt indescribable feeling.. I felt like floating in the air!!
Brother, you have a soft and humble heart.. I pray to our Father Yahweh that He would give me a meek, low, humble and pure heart..
You know brother, right when my eyes were opened about His Name, I decided to let go of the name Jesus… however brother, I have shared the Name of our Almighty Yahweh to some believers also, but they embrace and could not let go of the name Jesus..Brother, I have read the Scriptures you have shared when our Abba Yahweh is telling us that that is His Name forever, and so i immediately shared to everyone I know the Glorious Name, but some believed (my siblings) but some did not (Christians) and I was persecuted :(Oh brother.. I want to see our Father Yahweh, our Redeemer and our Savior..

From: Joshua Blessed

Shalom brother Arthur.
As you can see it now more and more people have found life in Yahweh.
Thanks for your help and support, for it is to the glory of Yahweh , and to our salvation. Amen.
Let us bring to Heavenly life, as many as we can brother.
May Yahweh be with you! Amen.

Shalom brother Arthur.
I just received a blessing from Laura.
Here is her email to me;
Shalom Joshua,

When I was praying the day before yesterday. I was also fasting for dinner(I wanted to be near to Yahweh). I spoke tongues for most of the prayer time and I felt Yahweh’s presence upon me. I was rejoicing when I was praying and did not want to stop.

I went back home yesterday. I didn’t plan to come back home this year but my flesh mother called me. I thought I needed come back home since they are my family. I told them about Yahweh but they don’t agree what I said. My mother grasp this world also, she said she believe but she also agree what my family do(burning sticks for dead people). I threw away the sticks today which my father burnt when he went out. He didn’t ask me about it when he came back. I know I can only pray for them.

About the post of my testimony, I replied for a while then I think I can not always argue too much with them. People think I deny “Jesus”. I haven’t see anyone give response on accepting Yahweh/Yahshua’s true name. Yahweh showed me the importance of His name. When people heard I use Yahweh’s true name, they were agitated… Yes, when people said I was strange, then I answered I’m not of this world, this world love ones who belong to it.

Just now, when I was reading about your born again article, I suddenly realized the time of born again is different from the time of baptism of Holy Spirit…I didn’t think about this before…

I have no one near me in life who really accept Yahweh’s truth yet. Thank Yahweh, I am in a phone group of Arthur, Gera and Zette(Arthur’s friend who lives in the same city as Arthur)I see it is truly a narrow road. I thank Yahweh separating me from this world. In home these days, I don’t want to look even a second on the TV screen. My parents live with my elder brother and his family which is a tradition in China. My brother and his wife dosen’t believe. They have two kids who are seized by TV. I tried to tell the little girl about Yahweh and encourage her to pray to Yahweh. May Yahweh have mercy on my family!
She need your help / support at this time, please pray for her as much as you can.
And would you also make your video testimony and post at youtube as Laura did.
That Yahweh may be glorify in you and through you. Amen.

From: Arthur

Shalom brother Joshua,

I am so happy to our sister Laura.. HalleluYAH thank You Yahweh our Father and Redeemer!

And yes, I will make a testimony of my video this time. I want to glorify Yahweh and make Him known.

Last time when I was in the train, Yahweh reminded me how i should NOT stop proclaiming Him and telling people Who He is.. He reminded me how we were able to catch a fish (Laura) was that fish…

I also thought in my heart i must modify the Song i wrote for my parents and address it to our Father Yahweh because without Him, i have nothing.. no life, no wife or child nor parents and siblings etc..
Pls here this song for Abba Yahweh dear bro…

Listen to Thank You Yahweh (Original) by arthurmanlutac #np on #SoundCloud

Baruch HaShem Yahweh! HALLELUYAH!

Shalom brother Joshua!

Thank you for asking me to create a vid of my testimony.. just right after i uploaded my testimony, Yahweh baptised me with His Holy Spirit and spoke tongues HalleluYAH!

I could not close my mouth bro i fell on me knees weeping and crying and my jaw was locked and felt the electricity flowing from my belly and mouth.. i felt the Power of Yahweh! I wept and cried praising Him and thanking Him.. oh brother, I thank Him for His grace and mercy on me.. thank u for praying for me.. and i thank Yahweh that He crossed our paths together with Laura.. HalleluYAH all glory and praise to our Abba Yahweh!

This is what happened to me on 20th-Feb

Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered. (Romans 8:26 KJV)

This is the link to my testimony:
My Testimony of Yahweh Yahshua Messiah:

From: Joshua Blessed

Shalom Brother Arthur.
I just watched your Heavenly testimony. Thank you brother!
Oh, let Yahweh be glorify in you and though you Arthur.
As you know we live in the last day, and consider what mercy He has on you and on me, and on Laura, and …….
We know, that for all our wickedness you and I and others should be in hell’s torment forever and ever.
Therefore – 24/7 I do praise /glorify His glories name Yahweh!
I also watched in tears Laura video of Baptism of the Holy Spirit !
And I praise our Father Yahweh for His goodness.
Brother, I waiting for your testimony of Baptism of the Holy Spirit.
Let me watch it and rejoice over it , with you.
If you let me , I would also upload your testimony and our email communications to my website, that more people come to living Savior Elohim Yahweh.
(Just my advise to you, your background music on your video some time is to loud , that we cannot hear your own voice. Would you fix it , and next video please remember this problems.)
HalleluYah !

From: Arthur

Shalom my beloved brother Joshua..

Yes you may use our communication and testimony for it belongs to Yahweh our Father HalleluYAH! We do whatever is necessary to glorify Yahweh HalleluYAH!

Yes brother, I will do it also.. pls pray with me and Laura that Yahweh may guide me in the next video for Baptism of Holy Spirit..

Shalom brother all glory to Yahweh Almighty!

From: Joshua Blessed

OK, thanks brother.
And we are waiting for the next Heavenly testimony .
Yahweh is my witness, that I do cry to Him for you and Laura and many others. Amen.
Be strong in Yahweh our Messiah ! Amen.

Presence of the Spirit of Yahweh: First Encounter

Below is my first encounter with Yahweh after I have made and uploaded my video testimony.  This was on a Friday sunset (around 7pm) welcoming the Shabbat (Sabbath).  I stood up singing ‘HalleluYAH’ then suddenly, the Spirit of Yahweh fell on me like a lightning struck me and it caused me to drop on my knees.  Electricity flowing all over my body and my veins and I was crying like a baby like never before in my life!  Oh blessed be Yahweh!

From: Arthur

Shalom brother Joshua,

This is the video i took right after i uploaded my testimony then started shabbat.. i suddenly felt the Presence of YAHWEH and i fell on my knees immediately and i cried and wept..

please click on the link i was not able to record my 30-60mins encounter with YAHWEH.. the link below is after the experience

From: Joshua Blessed

Ah, ………………..!
Now you to know the Presence of His Glory .Amen.
Will you forsake this pagan world and deny / crucify your flesh , just to stay again in His glory only for 1 min?
Oh yes, this is what His people in Heaven experience 24/7 !
Would you be there , with Yahweh = 1,0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000…… years ?
You brother just tested a Heavenly …..
Keep moving forward to Yahweh , and you shall see and experience even more grate thing then this.
Remember, this is just a new beginning of more to come ! Amen
Please make a full video of your experience , share with the world what you have from Heaven , and prove your Baptism by speaking/praying in tongues before video camera . Then upload your video to youtube .com and send to me a link .
Hallelu Yahweh !

From: Arthur

Shalom brother Joshua,
All glory to our Abba Yahweh and i thank Him for His mercy towards me.. That was the first time I felt His Glorious presence and Power for several minutes and yes I want Him more.. i want to experience more…

I can make a video to tell my experience and include the one i sent you, however just now, this i think the third time i tried to film myself and asking Yahweh to come to me and let me praise Him in tongues as what Laura did.. but I haven’t been given utterance… i pray Yahweh will guide me and show me where am i going wrong..
HalleluYAH I want Him be glorified!

Do you think i would post my story and experience of this Heavenly experience as my 2nd vid then on my 3rd would be prayer in tongues?

From: Joshua Blessed

Blessed be Yahweh.
I am glad for your sake brother, and now wait and do as I said to Laura , how to begin speak in tongues .(Just read my advised to her).
“Shalom Laura.
Here is the godly advise for you and to others;
If you are filling the presence of the Holy Spirit upon you, then open your mouth wide and praise and glorify Yahweh from all your being.
Then the river of life shall flow from your own mouth !
It is called – The Baptize of the Holy Spirit!
Please do as I said .”
Then brother, if you began speaking in tongues , make a full video of yours as I asked you before. Amen.
I waiting with joy for your own testimony Arthur.

Presence of the Spirit of Yahweh: Second Encounter

Below is my second encounter with Yahweh when He visited my again and let me be in His presence.  All I had in my heart and mind is ‘I love You Yahweh, I thank You Yahweh!’.  Electricity overflowing in me like a fountain within me.

From: Arthur

Shalom brother Joshua,
All glory to our Father and Redeemer Yahweh of Hosts, HalleluYAH!

Our Abba is doing great and marvelous things in my life, recently, my wife has been born again, Oh Yahweh our Father thank You for Your mercy and compassion on me and my wife..

I have felt the Pure Love and tender mercy and the Glorious Presence of Yahweh Almighty again for the second time bro.. here is the vid..

P.s. i am still waiting on our Father Yahweh to teach me tongues, May His will be done HalleluYAH!

From: Joshua Blessed

Shalom Brother Arthur.
I wept with you while I watching your video, for I also have many such experience as you brother.
It is the most beautiful things you shall ever remember in your life , its call,- “The first love ”
Please record on video as much as you can, for later in your life it shall be the anchor for your soul.
If possible let your wife’s testimony also be on video.
And now, hear me,

It is Yahweh will to baptize you with the Holy Spirit.
Therefore do not gave up , but keep seeking by prayers and fasting again.!!!!!!
I said to you again, do not give up!
For I do know many people who once could not get a Baptism of the Holy Spirit , and later they are became a blasphemers and muckers of us who get it. Beware of it, and keep crying for the Baptism.
As for me , I still support you and Laura by my crying for you to Yahweh. Amen.
Now , is the most critical time in your life , please do as I said to you. Amen.

From: Arthur

Amen HalleluYah thank u brother.. when I had my first encounter with Yahweh in 2013, He lead me to destroy all carved images/idols in my parents house… I was persecuted by my own family and they became my enemy.. but as they see the change and new life I have lived, they started to believe that my transformation is not based on religion, but by the Power of Yahweh

2015-11-02 (1)2015-11-02
I smashed them with hammer my ancestors inherited lies… and i give thanks and all glory to Father Yahweh for breaking this in my generation.

Many marvelous things Yahweh has done and have been doing in my life and family bro.. my parents no longer practice Catholicism and most of my siblings too.

I’m here in the Philippines my home country and I thank Yahweh for using me HalleluYah

We had idols graven images since late 80’s I thank Yahweh He has broken the curse in our family.  Almost 30, we had these abominations.. I glorify Yahweh for His marvelous works.. HalleluYah

2015-11-02 (3)2015-11-02 (2)