February 8, 2017

The name of the Messiah Yahshua / שמו של המשיח יהושע

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Shalom . ” ישוע / yeshua ” is a Hebrew word meaning > “salvation” , and it is not a Hebrew name ! Search Tanakh / OT and you will not find a name > ” ישוע / yeshua / Jesus”) . For the Messiah’s Hebrew name is > יהושע / Yah – shua meaning > יהוה / Yahweh is ישוע / yeshua . Here is what The Messiah יהושע / Yahshua said ; Joh_5:39 “Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me”. And so, you may search scripture / Tanakh 24/7 all your life and you will not find even one sentence that testify of names > “yeshua or Jesus”. Why, because carnal / foolish men follow a tradition of carnal / foolish men – called > Judaism. For these wicked religious men / rabbi forbid to speak the name of יהוה / Yahweh for their own perdition. For only the King of Heaven יהוה / Yahweh of hosts is yeshua ( salvation) !
And I was one of those fools , who follows the tradition of the foolish men and not His Holy Spirit. Yet, my Heavenly Father יהוה / Yahweh had mercy on me and separated me from them. For He took me to Heaven and show me that He is יהוה / Yahweh the Messiah . The Great Revelation: Yahweh Manifest in the Flesh!

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