March 6, 2007

From a caterpillar to a butterfly !

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12-12-2014-092659AM-Crop-3-1024x996From Caterpillar to Butterfly. This is the testimony of Butterfly for the glory of Yahweh Almighty. For Yahshua (Yahwehsaved) said, Verily, verily, I say onto you. Except a man be born from abovehe cannot see the Kingdom of God. Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God. For that which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. Marvel not that I said unto you. You must be born again. The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes. So is everyone who is born of the Spirit.Years ago, as I patrolled a private property in the state of California with another officer. And I wandered in my heart, how to bare witness to this black patrolman, what Yahweh has done in my life. Then I began to pray in the Holy Spirit beseeching my Redeemer to fill me with His testimony. And when I opened my mouth, the River of Living water began to flow, and the Holy Ghost gave me utterance, saying; “Sir, can I say to you some thing? And he said, go ahead. Then I said to him: I was born in the country , and my father every spring has pruned the fruit trees in our orchard. And when he saw a nest of caterpillars he sent me to cut the branches with them and then burned them with a fire. And so, he taught me how to care for our orchard, and how to gather the caterpillars. For the caterpillars do nothing good, but only damaged the fruit trees. And for 34 years I was also a caterpillar, nothing done good, but only damaged the God creation. For this is the nature of all caterpillars to eat leaves of the trees, and they cannot stop to eating leaves, for this is the death to them. And as a caterpillar I should be burn in fire, for all my evil that I have done in my life, yet the Owner of creation, has done marvelous things to me. For Yahweh of host  has mortified my caterpillar nature and has create a new creature, call a Butterfly. And this mortification is not happen in my life over night, but took a time of transitions call metamorphose. Then I asked him, “Sir, do you like a caterpillars? And he answered, “Oh no, I hate them, they are ugly creatures.And so, I said to him, “Yes Sir, I hate them to, and if some of caterpillars is fallen on my clothes I shakes them off on a ground and smashed them. And I thing, that nobody likes the caterpillars. For they like parasites, “Live to eat, but not eat to live. Then I asked him, “Do you have a one dollar bill. And he open his wallet and showed me one dollar bill. ”What color is your many Sir? I asked him. He said,- Green! Then I took a one dollar from his hand and began to chewing it. “Can you see, “For the love of many is the root of all evil”, and all caterpillars of this world is Green inwardly, because they live to eat this “GreenLeaves. For all caterpillars knowing by eating “GreenLeaves”, and no one able to cease, and I also chewed this Green Dollars for 34 years. But glory to God, that I am born from above by Him, and no more caterpillar but a butterfly. For a butterfly cannot chewing the “GreenLeaves”, for we have a new natures. And we flying from flower to flower drinking a nectar which is the Holy Spirit, and do no harm God creation, but pollinate the fruit tree and all flowers. For a while of time we patrolled in silence. Then he said, “Brother, I am a Baptist, and I believe that I am butterfly also. And if I can ask you a one question. Tonight after our duty, I and my friends we will have some fun with girls and will drink some beers. Should I be with them or not? Then I said to him, Is it your friends butterflies or caterpillars? And he said, “Oh, no. They are ugly caterpillars. And I said to him, Have you ever see that butterfly fly to caterpillar in this nature, and they embrace one another, and chewing leaves together, Ah? ” And the Baptist believer said to me,”Oh, no! Than I said to him, If you are butterfly, then what is the fellowship between the caterpillars and the butterflies, Ah? Then he said, You are right, you are right. He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says. Amen       

Riddle for wise: Please, let me know who is your friends, and then I will tell you – who you are.”           










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